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Shopping for antique and vintage furniture

Where to shop for antique and vintage furniture

There are many fantastic and affordable places to shop for antique and vintage furniture, whether it be in person or online. Just remember to be armed with correct measurements for pieces that you are looking for, set your budget and shop accordingly, and only buy what you love! Here we share our pick of the best ways to shop for antiques.

Shopping in person

1) Auction houses

We aren’t necessarily talking Christie’s, unless your budget allows. You can find some great bargains at smaller local auction houses. Ideally, you should view the catalogue in advance (often found on the auction house’s website) and visit the preview day to view the items in advance of the auction. Remember that typically you will have to pay a Buyer’s Premium, plus VAT on top of the final winning bid. Check the terms and conditions of the auction house in advance of bidding so that you know the exact additional charges. You will also have to consider transportation, as items often need collecting within a few days of the auction.

2) Visit an antique dealer

You will find pockets of the UK where dealers congregate. Tetbury in the Cotswolds is my personal favourite, as it is my hometown. Also look at Frome in Somerset, Harrogate in Yorkshire, Lillie Road and Pimlico Road in London, together with Arundel and Petworth in Sussex.

3) Flea markets, antiques fairs and car boot sales

Many towns and cities have regular flea markets and car boot sales, which are well worth a visit. Otherwise, visit for details of the antiques fairs at Ardingly, Newark, Shepton Mallet, for fairs around the country and for the regular fairs at Kempton, Sandown and Wimbledon. In London, one of the most prestigious fairs is the Battersea Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair.

Shopping online

4) Auction houses.

You can also bid for auctions online. We like, which links you to over 700 auction houses from around the world. Those who have an eye or who are more experienced can consider bidding online without viewing in advance (but really study the online photos first to check the condition of what you are bidding on), so you can spread your net further and look at auction houses further afield. Remember that you will need to arrange delivery transport, at an additional cost. Also remember that you will have to pay an online commission in addition to the Buyer’s Premium, plus VAT on top of the final winning bid.

5) eBay and Facebook Marketplace

When shopping for antique and vintage furniture, you can sometimes grab yourself a bargain at another popular online site, eBay. Some items listed are sold by online auction, and others are displayed at Buy it now prices, albeit you can often make an offer. Just remember to check out the delivery charges before bidding. Not all sellers offer delivery, so you may have to arrange this yourself. Otherwise, have a look at local items available in your area via Facebook Marketplace. Again, there are some great bargains to be found here if you are patient.

6) 1st Dibs, Pamono, Vinterior, Etsy and Antiques-atlas

Also check out and for high end vintage and antique pieces, and, and when shopping for antique and vintage furniture.

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