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Designing Teen & Tween Bedrooms

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Longevity in design is the most important thing to consider when designing teen and tween bedrooms, or indeed any room for the younger members of the household. You don’t want to create a lovely design that only works for a couple of years before they have grown out of it. Equally you don’t want to give a child an ‘adult’s’ room – after all, what child ever chose to have greige walls? It’s about balance (finding that balance between what the parents want and what the child / teen wants) and forward planning which is best done by speaking to people with children who are 5 or so years older.

Admittedly it all gets far more difficult as the teen years kick in when it is all about LED lights and random pictures everywhere damaging the paintwork! Before you get to that stage though you can introduce colour and have some fun……and get them involved, if you dare!

A boys bedroom with scaffolding plank headboard, a red bed and navy and red room scheme with a nod to industrial decor.  A navy vintage steamer trunk has teddies on it.
A tweenage boy's room with room to grow!

This 12 year old boys room is the perfect example of how a room can grow with a tween......remove the teds and the toys and you have something that will carry through the years. What's more, the headboard panelling is wide enough to work for a double bed!

A bedroom with pink walls and Beverley Hills Hotel Banana leaf wallpaper.  The room  is primarily pink and green with black and white striped accents;
A teenage girl's room with a nod to the Beverley Hills Hotel style!

A pink bedroom with black and white accents.  One wall is coveredin a collage of pictures, vinyl records, ivy leaves and LED lights.
Teenage bedroom with full teenage customisation and personalisation!

This 15 year old girl’s room was designed with her when she was age 10. She still loves the base design (loosely Beverley Hills Hotel style complete with the iconic banana leaf wallpaper) and she has made it hers – LEDs, pictures, photos, vinyl, ivy leaves, signs and the lot! They do need to be allowed a bit of freedom to express themselves.

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