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Shop Vintage instead this Black Friday

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A woven rattan peacock chair against a pink wall with a black and white rug and plant
A rattan peacock style chair found at a car boot sale

With it coming up to Black Friday I feel compelled to sing the praises of shopping vintage..... second hand.....preloved......reused (you get the picture). Obviously we all buy new but sometimes it's worth just stopping and you have to?

In our homes vintage finds adds interest, charm, personality and a sense of belonging and nostalgia. Almost all of the bits on display in my home that get noticed are the old, quirky and interesting pieces with a story, not the latest new bit I added. Not to say that this chair is everyone's cuppa (and the plant needs some tlc), but my daughter just loves it in her bedroom, and it was a tenner from the local boot sale!

So, before you make that purchase just pause a minute and think, do I really need a new one of these? Shop vintage instead!

Thank you @eddiejuddphotography for the picture.

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